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2/23/2016 Sport Horse Handling Clinic with Phil Silva ~ May 21 & 22
2/15/2016 Phil Silva will be the Horse Handling Clinician on February 22nd, for the two-day (Feb 22-23 2016) "Evaluation of the Young Event Horse Prospect" symposium in Ocala, Florida.
1/30/2016 Ten Broeck Farm Inc Relocates to Palm City, Florida
1/18/2016 One of Phil's Sport Horse handling clients made her first journey, successfully, into the world of Amateur Horse Handling in 2015
1/18/2016 Canadian Jr/Sr Handling Competition Results 2015
6/25/2013 2013 Schooling Show Season at Ten Broeck Farm
6/25/2013 Western Dressage Clinic Photos
6/6/2013 PHOA Versatility Challenge 2013
6/6/2013 Western Dressage Class at July 28 Schooling Show
5/17/2013 TBF Dressage Sport Horse Breed Show: June 8-9 (Close May 29)
5/8/2013 Dr. Christian Schacht 2013 Midweek Clinic: October 22-23
4/30/2013 Young Horse Show Series at TBF: June 7
4/30/2013 NEW! Western Dressage Clinic with Frances Carbonnel: May 25-26
4/25/2013 Join Us May 4th - PHOA Versatility Challenge Goes PINK for a Cure
4/1/2013 Register now - Handling Clinic with Phil Silva: May 25
3/23/2013 Dr. Schacht and the Silvas at D4K - Photo Gallery
2/25/2013 Pam Goodrich Returns - Click for March 16 Clinic Details
2/25/2013 Join Dr. Christian Schacht - March 7 & 8: Clinics and Book Signing
2/20/2013 Thank you from Winnie
2/20/2013 2012 - An Amazing Year and More to Come!
11/26/2012 Dec 3-5th -Dr. Christian Schacht series: dressage, jumping, conformation & handling
10/23/2012 Don’t Miss Ten Broeck Farm at Equine Affair November 8-11
10/23/2012 TBF Hosts PHOA Annual Trail Ride October 28
8/5/2012 “Celebrating our Angelic Partners” Event raises $5,000 for Hospice
8/5/2012 Butterball of Ten Broeck Farm – Chapter 2
7/9/2012 Ten Broeck Farm Breed Show Series June 9-10, 2012 Results
6/20/2012 PHOA Versatility Challenge Series - December 8th at TBF
6/20/2012 Young Horse Show at Ten Broeck Farm: June 8 photos PHOTOS
5/15/2012 New! Beginner Young Rider
4/29/2012 Orintha's Journey to Grand Prix
4/29/2012 Butterball of Ten Broeck Farm
3/4/2012 Paige Finnegan Clinic March 31
1/17/2012 Pam Goodrich Winter Clinic March 17
1/17/2012 Don’t Miss Paige Finnegan- Clinic on January 28
1/6/2012 NEFHC Benefit Dressage Show Thank You
10/16/2012 Winters Stalls Available
9/15/2011 Sporthorse Science and Handling Academy October 10-12
9/9/2011 Equine Affaire Handling Clinics with Phil Silva November 10-13
9/9/2011 Phil Silva returns to Qualifier at Spy Coast Farm October 16
9/9/2011 Find Us at the Shows! Fall schedule…
6/14/2011 Sporthorse Science & Handling Academy 6/16-6/18
6/14/2011 Ride-Critique-Ride with Dr. Christian Schacht June 16 & 17th
6/14/2011 Conformation Clinic June 18th
6/14/2011 June Qualifier for the Dressage4Kids' Youth Dressage Festival
5/27/2011 Tickets on Sale Now “Celebrating our Angelic Partners” June 9th
5/20/2011 Cancelled: New England Breed Show Series 6/11-6/12
5/8/2011 NEDA Policy Regarding Protective Headgear
5/1/2011 Dressage4Kids Shaping Young Breeders of Tomorrow
1/31/2011 Feb. 5: Young Breeders Clinic with Britta Johnston & Phil Silva
1/27/2011 Feb. 18-21: Dressage4kids Presents Young Breeders Weekend with Dr. Christian Schacht
1/27/2011 Jan. 29: Don’t Miss Phil Silva at the Dressage4kids WEP Program
1/17/2011 TBF Hosts Young Breeders Program Debut Clinic
1/17/2011 March 19-20: Pam Goodrich Clinic
10/28/2010 Announcing the 2011 Pam Goodrich Winter Clinic Series
10/14/2010 Visit us at Equine Affaire! November 11-14
10/12/2010 November 7: Young Breeders Clinic with Britta Johnston
10/12/2010 Dressage 4 Kids Launches Young Breeders Program
8/15/2010 Mette Rosencrantz Clinic & Sales Expo October 16 & 17
7/31/2010 Learn how to take Equine Photos with Tony DeCosta
7/31/2010 2010 Friesian Keuring hosted by NEFHC
7/31/2010 KWPN Dutch Foal Expo August 8
6/24/2010 USDF Breedshow Results
1/28/2010 “Training on the Triangle” – Phil Silva featured in Equine Journal
1/6/2010 Pam Goodrich Returns to New England for three Fabulous Clinics
8/2/2009 A Summer with Paige Finnegan
8/2/2009 Results are Posted: New England Breed Show Series 6/13-6/14
8/2/2009 In the News: Frenk Jespers Sold Out Success
6/14/2009 Breedshow Raffle Results
5/15/2009 Don't Miss Christoph Hess at NEDA Spring Fling May 15 - 17
4/26/2009 Frenk Jespers a Sold Out Success- Thank you from the Silvas
4/2/2009 “Thank you” for a Fantastic Winter at Ten Broeck Farm
4/2/2009 June 15 - 16: Toine Hoefs Clinic
12/27/2008 Reserve now for Pam Goodrich Jan 31- Feb 1, 2009
10/21/2008 Don’t Miss a Minute of Our 2009 Line-up!
10/19/2008 Youth Dressage Festival “Thank You”
10/19/2008 Heartwarming Story: Noir- The Trick Horse Rescued
10/19/2008 Got Carrot? Winning Photo Spotlight at Ten Broeck
09/10/2008 In the News- Breedshow Recap in Horsemen’s Yankee Pedlar
07/12/2008 “Thank you” for Breed Show Success & Show Results
07/02/2008 Dressage Today Highlights Orintha Silva at Symposium
07/02/2008 Frank Grelo Clinic- October 11-12, 2008
07/02/2008 In the News- Frenk Jespers Brings International Insight
06/02/2008 June 15 Dressage Schooling Show – Judge Lou Denizard
04/04/2008 Florida Diary- Orintha Silva shares her trip and Symposium experience
03/27/2008 Dressage Clinic & Schooling Show with Ida Anderson
03/27/2008 An Evening with Frenk Jespers on Saturday, April 5
03/25/2008 Ten Broeck Farm & NEDA Welcome Frenk Jespers for a Riding and In-Hand Clinic
02/01/2008 Pam Goodrich, Riders and Horses Shine at Sold Out Clinic
02/01/2008 Ten Broeck Farm Spreads Holiday Cheer
02/01/2008 Save the Date: Frenk Jespers Clinic Coming April 4-6
02/01/2008 Dressage Sport Horse Qualifying for Cosequin/USDF Breeders Championship
01/07/2008 Pam Goodrich Returns for 2008 Winter Clinic Series
11/11/2007 IALHAE Equine Affaire Press Release
11/08/2007 Don’t Miss Ten Broeck Farm at Equine Affaire November 8-11
10/22/2007 Test Pilot and World’s First Commercial Astronaut Visits Ten Broeck Farm
09/10/2007 A Mini Photo Gallery from Broadfields 121
08/28/2007 Celebrating Our Summer Interns
07/07/2007 Mr. Bond Interagro Excels at First Dressage Show
07/02/2007 A Special Evening for Danielle, her Dad, and Talon
06/29/2007 Ten Broeck Farm Riders Collect Ribbons at Heritage Dressage Association Show
06/01/2007 Meet Meredith Helgerson
04/24/2007 Young Horse Clinic with Frenk Jespers a Big Hit!
04/09/2007 Meet Intern Brittany Lincoln
04/02/2007 Frenk Jespers Steps In for Toine Hoefs
03/22/2007 Leslie Kornfeld Available to Train
03/21/2007 Our Intern from Sweden
02/26/2007 Riders and Auditors Benefit from February’s Pam Goodrich Clinic
01/03/2007 Pam Goodrich visits New England on a breezy, frigid weekend, January 20-21, 2007
12/03/2006 Ten Broeck Farm at the November 2006 Equine Affaire
11/30/2006 Congratulations to Pat Spettel and Jack
10/11/2006 Their First Dressage Schooling Show
10/09/2006 Phil Silva at American Holsteiner Inspection
09/29/2006 Michelle Gibson Clinic a Great Success
09/21/2006 Ten Broeck Farm Hosts Nashua River Watershed Association
08/31/2006 Michelle Gibson to give clinic on September 23 & 24!
08/31/2006 A Successful Pam Goodrich Clinic
07/28/2006 Another Trip to Holland and Germany
06/08/2006 Nancy Later is Spending the Summer at Ten Broeck Farm!
06/01/2006 Our Trip to Holland