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  Training Your Horse

Dressage is French for “training” and it is our passion. We work from solid dressage basics, following a plan that matches each horse’s specific level of training, age, personality and health.

We respect the athletic abilities of every horse in our care. No horse is ever asked to do more than what it is capable of doing at any given stage of its training. And we work hard to make sure that your horse has fun, because that is the foundation upon which he will become increasingly better.

Simply stated, our goal is to make the most out of these fine athletes.

Orintha was the director and trainer at Tempus Fugit Farm in Amherst, NH. She continues to specialize in Warmbloods and Lusitanos. She has also worked with several notable trainers, including; Pam Goodrich, Barend Heilbron, Kathy Connelly, Frenk Jespers from Holland, Sharon McCusker, Mary Howard, Dee Loveless, Vern Batchelder and Sylvia Loch.

Orintha can be reached at 978-877-6636 to schedule a consultation.

Boarding at our state of the art facilities is an important benefit of all training programs.

  Ten Broeck Farm has 25 stalls, 5 of which are oversized. Both barns have a heated tack room and windows to the outside in all stalls. The large barn has a wash stall and tack stall.

There is plenty of ventilation in both barns. Both have matted aisle ways, and matted stalls with excellent kiln-dried shavings for bedding. Our horses are maintained with individually prepared diets in consultation with you and the veterinarian. Our hay is prime Canadian hay. We try to turn out every horse daily, but of course that depends on the weather and what each horse’s exercise schedule looks like. We stress your horse’s safety and comfort first and foremost. We treat your horse with respect, and our constant goal is to balance all aspects of its life: work, diet, exercise, and proper rest.

Of course it is important that both the indoor and outdoor arenas have vigilant footing management. We use a state-of-the-art TR3 rake. We believe (and others agree) that the footing in our indoor arena is the best in the area.